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Preparing for Colon Hydrotherapy


A day or two before you are having a colonic, the more fresh and raw food that you eat the better your results will be. Cutting out dairy products, animal protein, seafood, coffee, alcohol, salt, sugar, and gluten or mucus-forming foods such as wheat, pasta or bread products will benefit your experience.

Brown rice and millet, baked yams or squash, bean salad or soups, soaked raw unsalted nuts and seeds are recommended. This vegan diet is nourishing yet cleansing for all people. However if you normally eat a lot of protein, you may want to ease yourself slowly into this vegan diet and eat some ocean fish or free range eggs 2-3 times per week.

Unpasturized (raw) fruit and vegetable juices help the intestine detoxify as well as green leafy vegetables and chlorophyll-rich foods such as algae, alfalfa, broccoli, kale and of course, raw organic salads. A word about organic- support sustainable agriculture and cherish your body by eating only certified organic foods. Pesticides are toxic and toxicity is what we want out of your body!

Eat lightly or nothing in the 2 hours before a colonic. Food steals energy from the intestine. If you must eat, have fruit or drink vegetable broth, water or herb tea.

Eating immediately after a colonic is not recommended but when necessary eat lightly, eat slowly and chew well. Your next meal should be vegetable based meal like soup, salad or steamed veggies and grains.

Gas may also be caused by imbalanced PH in the colon. Replenishing the healthy intestinal flora with an acidophilus supplement after each colonic will help to restore the proper PH.

Your first colonic can be a pleasant experience, keep in mind to relax the belly and breathe deeply throughout. A positive mental attitude contributes greatly to a successful colonic!