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Why Cleanse the Colon


In today’s society, the refined foods we eat lack the bulk and fibre needed to create healthy, well-formed stools, which move properly through the colon as nature intended them to.  So often we eat too many foods that are considered ‘acid-forming’*.  When we do this, the walls of our intestines (both large and small) secrete a mucous, which protects them from damage from toxic or acid substances. If we went back to eating a predominantly ‘alkaline’* diet, this mucous layer would simply come away from the walls of the small and large intestine, and wash away in a subsequent bowel movement.  But so often we don’t go back to predominantly ‘alkaline’ diet, and the walls of our intestines keep secreting this mucous until it eventually forms a hardened layer.  This hardened layer is known as “mucoid plaque”, and unless we change our eating habits and lifestyles, mucoid plaque production will continue, without reprieve.  Mucoid plaque lining the walls of our intestines greatly inhibits our bodies’ ability to absorb nutrients.  Clinical studies have shown that 90% of adult North Americans absorb only 3-10% of the nutrients in the food they eat. When the gastro-intestinal tract is coated with mucoid plaque and not functioning optimally, all other elimination organs (the liver, kidneys, skin and bladder) are greatly stressed. Degeneration and disease are the end results.


While the lungs, skin, kidneys and liver also serve to eliminate toxins, people have experienced that when they ensure that the colon is cleansed and healed, the well-being of the whole body is greatly enhanced.  Colonics have been found to be a very effective way to accomplish this quickly and easily (and safely). With today’s diets of refined foods, excesses of salt, caffeine, sugar, alcohol, tobacco, etc., we’re not getting the bulk and fibre in our diets needed to properly create fecal matter in our large intestines. Stress and pharmaceutical drugs further aggravate this situation. Our colons become “caked” with toxic material that putrifies, and ultimately poisons the whole body through toxemia.